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Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience

As most of you know, I have a good internet footprint. If you Google - Frank James Bailey you can easily find me and this website. I’m sure you’ll also be able to find my Tercona site too.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up today is because recently a lot of friends on Facebook sent me a request to “like” there page. I am more than happy to LIKE anyone’s page. I love to support my fellow voice actors. It’s great to network!

On the other hand, let me ask you this very important question…if I “like” your page, are you hitting your target audience? What I mean is, if I like your page that means I’ll see your posts. If you post about a job you did or what voice over work you can do…great! If you post you’re demos, I’ll see those too. Me (a fellow voice actor) will see your demos and voice acting posts. I can give your posts a “big thumbs” up in support but the likelihood that I’ll hire you for a voice job is probably slim. I’m a voice actor too! I am trying to get voice work, Just Like You!

Yea, there is a small chance since I’m networked with you that I might call you up someday and say, “Hey, I have the flu and I can’t voice this job but I think you’re perfect for it. Can you help me out?” or I might need your voice on a project I’m working on. More than likely though, I am NOT the person you’re trying to reach. You want to reach other video companies, e-learning companies, and maybe even agencies. If they see your posts about voice acting or your demos they might want to hire you.

Let me tell you a quick story, a few years ago I made videos on YouTube called “A Video Voice Over Tip.” They were videos to help people who wanted to get into the voice over business. I had a good audience of…FELLOW VOICE ACTORS! The problem was, I’m not a coach nor do I want to be. As a voice actor I want to reach people who might want to buy my voice for their video, phone greeting or e-learning project

As most of you know I’m also a writer. I wrote books about a female superhero named Tercona. My audience for Tercona is kids, teens (and some adults) who like superheroes. My “LIKE” page for Tercona has over 1,660 likes. Also my Tercona fan club Facebook group has over 1,600 members! My Frank James Bailey – Voice Actor LIKE page only has 733 likes. It’s clear that my audience for my books is a LOT larger than the people who want to hear me as a voice actor. Now I’m sure if I started voicing cartoons or video games that number would change but for now, more people like the female superhero I created – Tercona - then ME the voice actor Frank James Bailey.

So…if you want me to “like” your facebook page, yes I will! I will LIKE your page and support my fellow voice actors but you have to ask yourself, am I the audience you want?

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