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Facebook Fan Page vs Profile Page

Facebook Fan Page vs Profile pages

I have had a Facebook profile page since 2008. Back then I was mostly using MySpace so I wasn’t as active on Facebook as I am today. That soon changed in 2009 when I began to shift and post more content on my Facebook profile page.

Not too long after that I also created a Facebook “LIKE“ page (a business page) for voice acting. If you want to LIKE my page go here:

I have posted at least 1 thing on this page every day for a while now. Videos, pictures, throwback Thursday…you get the idea. Currently over 700 people have liked my page. The problem is, no matter what I post or who is reading my posts not many people comment or engage with me.

Is it good to have a LIKE page? Yes.

Every single one of Facebook tools is set up to favor businesses via Pages, not profiles.

• Pages are public and profiles are layered with privacy settings.

• Pages can boost posts, profiles can’t.

• Pages have analytics and intelligence measurement, profiles don’t

On the other hand I know several people who use their regular facebook profile as their “page”. A few Hollywood stars like voice actress Tara Strong (who has 5,000 friends and over 44,000 followers) John Wesley Ship (Jay Garrick on the TV show The Flash) he has 5,000 friends and over 17,000 followers and finally I know of a small town local radio DJ named Kevin Sandler at WCSM who has 5,000 friends and almost 10,000 followers.

For the record, it is it better to be “friends” with someone on Facebook then just a follower. The biggest problem with only using your profile is you can only have 5,000 friends. You can get as many followers as you want but your friends top out at 5,000. That’s where a facebook LIKE page comes in. You can have millions of people like your Facebook page. The problem is, unless you’re a HUGE celebrity like Katy Perry, it cost money to run “ads” to make sure people know about your page. It doesn’t cost anything to maintain a simple Facebook profile.

My facebook profile URL is this:

As you can see, my personal page is very different from my “like” page. I had to add the words – Voice Actor – on my "like" page so people would know the difference between that page and my personal page.

Well, after being on Facebook for over 10 years I now have over 2,000 friends and about 100 followers. I have over 2,200 members of my Tercona fan club Facebook group! Of course, that has nothing to do with voice acting. (Groups are better then like pages but I'll get to why in just a minute.) After 10 years of having my “official” voice acting page – Frank James Bailey Voice Actor - I see that it is going nowhere.

So starting in 2018 I will mostly be using my facebook profile as my MAIN page from now on. The URL is easy( and I set it up so new people can follow me.

I will post “something” on my voice acting LIKE page every so often just so it's not dormant but I don’t want to put a lot of work into maintaining it since I already have a Facebook profile page with more followers than the "like" page.

Besides, I can use my regular Facebook page to cover my career as a voice actior AND a writer! 

For the record, I do have a Facebook LIKE page for Tercona too. It is this:

However, I have found the same problem with this like page as did with my voice acting page. NOBODY makes comments or engages. It has over 1,600 likes.

My Tercona fan club group…wow, that’s a whole different ball of wax. Fans post their own Tercona artwork, they respond to posts, I get more engagement in the group AND I have over 2,200 members in this group!

Please join my Tercona fan club facebook group here:

I have found that groups are WAY better then like pages but I can’t have a “group” for my voice acting. I’m not that popular of a voice actor and nobody knows me.

My fans sure do like Tercona though! 

Thank you for understanding.


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