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Coming appearances - Aug. 2018

This blog isn't about voice acting. This post for my fans of Tercona.

As most of you know I'm not just a voice actor. I'm also a writer too. I wrote 3 books about a female superhero named Tercona. Here are those books. 

On Sunday Aug. 5th I'll be at the Jim & Dan Comic + Toy Show in Dayton, OH. They do 4 shows a year and I always go to at least 1 of them every year. I'll be there talking about comic books, cartoons, voice acting and of course selling and signing my books. I hope to see you there.

And on Sunday Aug. 18th I'll be at a brand new comic con called The Grand Lake Comic Fan Expo in Celina OH. Here is the website for that con." target="_blank">

I hope to see you at a com




Have a happy summer.

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